5 Best Ways to Mentally Stimulate your Dog on Rainy Days

Just like people, dogs get bored with the same old everyday routine. Keeping them
mentally challenged and constantly exposing them to new things is just as important as
taking them for walks and exercising them. In fact, if dogs could talk, they’d say ‘I’m
bored’ a couple of times a day.

But they can’t. So instead, they chew the furniture and misbehave and make us pet
parents cross. That’s why mental stimulation for dogs is essential.
Keeping a dog’s brain stimulated is one of the most important ingredients that go
towards keeping your dog happy, calm, and relaxed.
And when puppy is happy, mommy and daddy are happy!

Therefore, you need to be looking at some methods that would help you to increase
your dog’s mental stimulation. Worry not! We got you covered. Without further ado, let’s
find out what are the 5 Best ways to mentally stimulate your dog.

Puzzle toys are a nice and easy way to keep your dog busy & entertained. Interactive
toys like puzzles help keep your dog focused on a task, and that added extra mental
stimulation goes a long way. One extra 15-minute game a day can such a huge
difference to your dog. It gives them something to focus on, and that extra meaning in
their day helps when it comes to alleviating problem behaviors.
Puzzle toys are great because they give your dog a chance to use some of their natural
problem-solving abilities. And by keeping your dog engaged with interactive toys you
can help boost their confidence & tire them out mentally.

Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

How many tricks does your dog know? Do they have a good stay, come here & lay
down? Well, the good news is there’s a lot more you can teach them that goes beyond
the basics. With trick training there’s always more to add.
Teaching your dog a new trick or command is great for mental stimulation, and it can be
especially helpful with shy or fearful dogs. All that training will help boost your dog’s
confidence, and it strengthens the bond between dog & owner. Learning new
commands can also help increase your dog’s focus and impulse control (manners).

Indoor Agility

A fun way to exercise your dog on rainy days is to practice some indoor agility. You
don’t need any fancy equipment either; you can create your own indoor obstacle course
with household items such as brooms, towels, and boxes. For those items you can have
your dog jump over broom sticks, “go to their towel,” and weave through boxes.
Use your imagination and come up with a set of obstacles for your dog to follow. Once
your dog has learned how to jump over the broom stick you can them move onto going
to their towel. Building on prior tricks like that will help keep your dog mentally
stimulated, and it’s a great way to encourage focus.

Find The Treats

A fun nose work game, such as find the treats, is a great way to keep your dog active
indoors. Find the treats is simple to play; the only thing you need to get started is your
dog’s attention and some yummy treats.
The purpose of the game is to have your dog sniff out treats you hide around the house.
When you’re first starting out, you’ll want to make it easy, until your dog gets the hang of
it. Have your dog sit in a stay position and place some treats around the room where
they can see them. After they’re spread around release your dog give them a cue to
“find the treats.” Keep it fun and positive by praising them each time they pick up a new

Free Shaping

Another fun way to exercise your dog on a rainy day is to do some free shaping.
Shaping is the act of building up a particular behavior by using a series of small steps to
achieve it. The basic principle of shaping games is encouraging your dog to make their
own decisions and try something new.
It’s great mental stimulation for dogs, and it helps them develop new learning behaviors.
Still confused? Trust me you’re not alone. The great thing about free shaping is that it’s
so versatile; you can do it indoors with a variety of objects.