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Eye discharge in dogs. What is it, and how can you treat it?

Eye discharge is a common problem in dogs, which can become irritable and uncomfortable, especially if not treated quickly. But what is it? And how can you stop your dog from experiencing it? Our team at PetNest is passionate about ensuring your pet enjoys the most comfortable and

How to successfully introduce your pet to your new baby

If you’re planning to have a baby soon and own pets, a scary thought you may need to prepare for is introducing your baby to your resident animal (or animals). Like all introductions, this can be tiresome and may be scary, especially if this is your first child.

How can you prepare your dog for pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a scary time for humans. Even with thousands of studies and an abundance of information about pregnancy, it can still be a nerve-wracking time. So, imagine how this feels for a dog. Scary, terrifying and confusing, right?  At PetNest, we recommend leaving the breeding and

What are the best dog toys?

From chew toys to automatic fetch machines, you don’t have to look far to find countless toy options for your furry friend. But, with so many options on the market, which toys are proven to be the most mentally stimulating and fun for dogs? To help you out,

The benefits of pet massages

Have you ever considered giving your pet a massage? If you haven’t, you should! Just as they do for humans, massages have a multitude of benefits for pets, which can help them live healthier and happier. Some of the benefits of giving your pooch or kitty a quick

Pets & Plants

As pet owners, you likely know that there are some plants that you should avoid having in your home. Due to their toxicity, plants can cause illness in pets, some of which can be lethal. This can be a scary thought, which may lead you to avoid having

Are Bones Okay For Dogs?

For the longest time, dogs have been drawn in cartoons and shown on TV with one key element; a bone. So much so that one of our favourite nursery rhymes has a line that says, ‘Give a dog a bone.’ But, are bones good for dogs to chew?

How to pet proof your backyard

With enough effort, even the best-behaved pets may have the ability to escape from their backyards, which can put immense stress on families. For this reason, you must do everything possible to dog (or cat) proof your backyard, so your pets can enjoy outdoor time without the threat
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