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Are Bones Okay For Dogs?

For the longest time, dogs have been drawn in cartoons and shown on TV with one key element; a bone. So much so that one of our favourite nursery rhymes has a line that says, ‘Give a dog a bone.’ But, are bones good for dogs to chew?

How to pet proof your backyard

With enough effort, even the best-behaved pets may have the ability to escape from their backyards, which can put immense stress on families. For this reason, you must do everything possible to dog (or cat) proof your backyard, so your pets can enjoy outdoor time without the threat

Dog Walking Tips

Any dog owner will know that dogs need plenty of exercise. But, not all dog owners will have the luxury of a dog that instantly understand how to walk on a leash, so it’s important to train them from a young age on how to go for walks

Managing Cats with Anxiety

Cats are beautiful and often misunderstood creatures. Unlike dogs, which are typically good at communicating their feelings, cats are very good at hiding them or not providing the signs to show they are feeling anxious. This makes managing cats with anxiety such a difficult task. So, our

Why owning a fish is harder than it seems

For the longest time, pet fish have been seen as low-maintenance pet that is perfect for kids. But the opposite couldn’t be more true. In fact, pet fish require a lot of care and attention, and because they can’t communicate with us the way a dog or a

The best dog bed for your furry friend

When it comes to our furry friends, comfort and security are of utmost importance. One of the most important aspects of a dog's comfort is a good bed. But with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best bed for your
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