Clean up after your pup: Why cleaning dog poo during a walk is essential

Any dog owner will know that taking their dog for a walk can be a fulfilling experience that strengthens the bond between humans and pups. But, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Alongside being attentive, ensuring your dog is safe at all times and keeping up with their hydration needs comes the smelly ordeal of on-walk potty breaks. 

Yet, while every dog owner knows that there is a chance their dog may need to use the loo when they’re on a walk, it’s not uncommon to still see dog poo on the sidewalk and streets almost every day. So, if poo-cleaning products, such as poo bags, are so widely available, why are so many people still neglecting to clean up after their four-legged friend? 

We believe that many of them don’t know the true negative impacts of leaving dog poo behind. So, we’ve broken it down below. 


Dog poo can lead to illness 

Did you know that dog faeces contain several harmful microorganisms which can lead to illness in humans? These illnesses include but aren’t limited to e.coli, salmonella and giardia. Should someone step on it and touch their shoes or come into contact with dog poo, they can quickly contract these illnesses, especially if they do not exhibit correct hand hygiene afterwards. 

You can avoid this altogether by cleaning your dog’s poo with Bigone Compostable Dog Poo Bags. Just remember to use an anti-bacterial hand sanitiser afterwards to protect yourself too. 

Dog poo can contribute to water pollution 

Think of the above impacts of dog poo. Now imagine what would happen if it were to get into the waterways of your local council area. Just a simple rainstorm or wind can push a dog’s faeces into rivers, dams or even puddles. When evaporation takes place, this can cycle harmful bacteria into storm drains and waterways, causing widespread pollution and potential illnesses. 


Dog poo can degrade the quality of shared spaces 

Dog poo in public spaces, such as parks, beaches or streets, can downgrade the quality of the area significantly. This is due to the smell and poor visual appeal. Significantly polluted public spaces may be avoided altogether by potential patrons and other dog owners due to the health risk it presents. Unsurprisingly, this can then lower the value of the area, which may even contribute to other factors, such as property prices. 


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