Dog Walking Tips

Any dog owner will know that dogs need plenty of exercise. But, not all dog owners will have the luxury of a dog that instantly understand how to walk on a leash, so it’s important to train them from a young age on how to go for walks to prevent safety hazards and stress. 

Some of the tips we recommend include: 


Give your dog room to explore 

It may seem like choosing a short dog least is the most effective way to keep your dog in check during a walk, but this can only agitate them. Here’s the thing, dogs love going for walks because it’s a time and place for them to see new things, discover new smells and take time away from their regular environment. This is why it’s much more enjoyable for them with a longer leash. If you’re anxious about this, when you need to up the safety, such as when crossing the road, you can reel in the leash to gain more control. 

Make sure your walking equipment is in good condition 

Even the best-trained dog can act out of character once in a blue moon. You don’t want this to happen when you are out walking with old, tattered equipment, such as torn leashes or harnesses. Keeping this equipment can ensure that if something should happen which can put you, your dog or someone else in harm’s way, you have control over the situation. We recommend replacing walking gear every few years or when it looks visibly worn. 


Always pay attention during walks

Even if you walk a similar route each day, outside factors can impact the walking experience for your dog. Something like an oncoming cyclist may seem harmless but can cause injury if you aren’t available to assess the situation in time. It could be even more dire if your pup gets too close to traffic and you don’t have the time to react. 

For this reason, when walking your dog, remove all other distractions, such as your phone. You may be asking, how will this make my dog better at walking? Well, doing so can prevent them from getting harmed, which would otherwise instil a large fear of walking in them. This could make them angsty when it comes time to walk on a leash in future. So, it’s best to avoid these circumstances altogether. 


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