Have a perpetual chewer? Here’s how to stop your dog from chewing everything

All dogs love to chew. But some like to chew more than others. If left unoccupied for too long, they may begin chewing furniture, blinds and even skirting boards. All of this chewing can be destructive and cost your family thousands. While many dogs can be trained not to chew, sometimes their curiosity gets the better of them. This doesn’t mean you are a bad pet owner. It’s normal dog behaviour that can be corrected. 

If you have a dog that seems to chew everything, here are our favourite tips: 


Before you start, work out why your dog is chewing so much

Many factors may contribute to your dog’s chewing. For example, if they are a puppy, they are likely still teething, which means they are looking for ways to resolve their pain. If they were a rescue dog, they may have not been taught to avoid chewing. If they have been in your family for years, they could have developed anxiety.

If the behaviour has seemingly come out of nowhere, you can usually also assume that your dog has become bored with its surroundings. They may no longer be interested in their favourite toy. Or, a change in their environment, such as owners returning to work in the office, may mean they feel lonely all day. 

Before you get angry at your pet, consider these factors. It can make all the difference in how you handle the situation. 

Here are some great examples of why else a dog may be chewing compulsively – https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/stop-your-dogs-chewing

Stopping Dogs Chewing: Contain the situation 

Yes, you may love to keep your dog in the house. But, if this is causing destructive behaviour, you may need to consider leaving them outside when you are away. You can also confine them to specific areas of your house by using gates. This can keep them away from items they may have more tendency to chew. 

To keep them entertained in this confined space, provide them with plenty of chew toys. These chew toys will give them something to do and stop them from seeking new things to gnaw on. We have a range of chew toys available in our Sydney-based online pet store. 


Exercise your pet daily 

Dogs that chew may do so because they have excess energy. Grabbing your favourite dog leash and taking them for at least one walk a day can stop them from seeking activities to stimulate their mind and body.

It can also eradicate boredom or loneliness, which, as we mentioned, are the primary causes behind this destructive behaviour. Remember. If you have any questions, you can always contact us to see what online pet store solutions we have for you.