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Our Story

Being a family of pet lovers, our fondest memories are of all the pets who have added warmth and colour to the tapestry of our lives.

As pet parents we feel immense gratitude for them enriching our lives with their presence, antics, and unconditional love. They have been with us through life’s roller coaster ride and have acted as ‘shock absorbers’ when we needed most. Their soulful eyes, wagging tails, cosy cuddles, contented purrs, joyous chirps, and loving licks are all evidence of their affection and bonding, which helped us achieve ‘nirvana’ of a different kind.

The untimely loss of our rescue Grey Hound Clayton made us rethink our priorities in life. It propelled us to follow our passion for pets and their well-being. Thus, at PetNest, we only sell the best for your pet. Our Labrador Zorro is part of the crusade, as all products are ‘lab’ tested.

Clayton, whose whelping date was 2 May 2012 would have been 12 this year. Sire name Hurricane Luke and Dam name Instantly Wild. Clayton’s racing name was ‘Thunder Eyes ‘and he had 45 starts, 7 -wins, 7- 2nds’, 8- 3rds in his racing career. After retirement, which was his rebirth to a free existence, he WON our hearts and now, he could rest on his laurels.

As a ‘Thank You’ to all our pets especially the amazing gentle giant Clayton who gave us so much, we at PetNest offer curated products that will add value to the lives of your pets. Your pet is not just a number for us but a welcome addition to our family.

We strive for pet welfare over everything else and provide handpicked products which improves your pet’s quality of life.

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