Black Hawk Puppy Lamb & Rice

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Aiding strong muscles, healthy bones & vitality

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For puppies of all breeds on the go, this lamb and rice formula provides digestible energy and essential nutrition for growing puppies. The blend of Australian sourced oats and rice for energy output are supplemented by the freshest vegetables and fruits to deliver rich antioxidants that support their immunity.

  • 30% fat from Australian meats, vegetables and grains
  • 17% fat from a blend of healthy fats and oils
  • Emu Oil for skin, coat, joints and mobility

Daily Feeding Guide

  • Recommended feeding portions
  • Feeding portion per day – please adjust quantities as needed.
  • The below table is a guide only


WEIGHT 6-12 weeks 3-4 months 5-7 months 8-12 months
1-2kg 63-126g 54-108g 45-90g 36-72g
2-5kg 126-212g 108-182g 90-152g 72-121g
5-10kg 212-357g 182-306g 152-255g 121-204g
10-15kg 357-484g 306-415g 255-346g 204-276g
15-25kg 484-600g 415-608g 346-507g 276-406g
25-35kg 608-865g 507-721g 406-525g
35kg + Add 110g for each 10kg bodyweight

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3Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg


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