Should you adopt a rescue or should you shop for your next pet?

If you are considering getting your first or next pet, you may be torn between choosing to adopt from a shelter or shopping for a pet. We get it, there are pros and cons to both options. So, you must weigh up the alternatives and determine the best solution for you. Thankfully, in the following blog, we are weighing up these pros and cons, so you can make the more informed decision possible. 

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Choosing to adopt allows you to save a life 

There are countless loving cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and even horses in shelters all around the country. Some of these have had homes before, and some of them have wandered the streets all their lives. Regardless, they are all looking for a place to settle down, and choosing to adopt them allows you to give them a second chance at life. 


Less breed selection comes from adopting 

We have no prejudice against those that choose to shop for a pet rather than adopt one. After all, some people have breed-specific needs, which can be difficult to find at shelters. For example, some people may require a poodle due to its hypoallergenic qualities. Choosing to adopt, in that case, may mean that they won’t be able to find the pet that is the perfect fit for their home. 


Receive unconditional love and loyalty 

Both pets that are adopted and shopped for will express endless love and loyalty. However, it is known that adopted pets can feel it all the more. If you are looking to form a strong and fast bond with your furry friend, you will find that, in most cases, adopted pets will show signs of deep attachment quicker than shopped pets. 

Shopped pets usually have a clearer genetic history 

Breeders are responsible for knowing the pedigree of the pets they breed. For this reason, shopped pets will often come with a detailed medical record, including potential issues they may face in the future. This allows you to be proactive and do everything to prevent these genetic conditions from arising altogether. This is typically not the case for adopted pets as often they do not come from a litter. 


Choose the option that suits you when purchasing a pet 

You may be guilted into thinking that it is morally wrong to purchase a pet from a breeder, especially with all of the media that pushes adopting from shelters. But, so long as you choose a reputable breeder and have considered both alternatives, there is nothing wrong with this. 

When choosing a pet, we always recommend that you consider your circumstances, the level of care and attention you can provide, and your needs as a pet owner. This can ensure that you adopt a pet you will connect with for a lifetime. And remember, you can always shop for all your pet supplies when you choose PetNest.