Why are pet beds good for my senior pet?

As your pet gets older, you will start noticing their care needs grow. This could be something like needing more or less food or requiring shorter walks. The list as to which needs could heighten as your pet continues to age is limitless. Plus, no two dogs or cats will age the same way. 

So, you must pay attention to the signs of ageing to help them live the best senior years possible. As mentioned, every pet is different. But investing in a good-quality pet bed can make all the difference to several age-associated health issues. 

This includes: 


Supporting pet’s joints 

Though your pet may love sleeping on the cold floor, on the grass or on a hard surface, it can damage their joints in the long term. A pet bed is great for pet care as it gives them something soft to rest on. This means their joints can fully relax to promote healing, soothe pain and slow down the effects of ageing. 

If you have a large dog, making sure the pet bed is big enough will encourage them to use it over a hard surface. If your pet is stubborn or unsure about the new pet bed, you can also help them get used to it by encouraging them with high-quality Australian pet treats. 

A good quality pet bed can help ageing pets avoid injury 

Just like us, pets toss and turn in their sleep. If they are sleeping on the floor or another hard surface, they may accidentally hurt themselves. Gashes and cuts are common amongst ageing pets. They can also quickly become fluid-filled, which causes infection and pain. This makes the natural healing process harder and could contribute to other illnesses. 


Our range of Australian pet beds can help your pet sleep better 

Ageing dogs and cats are known to spend a lot of time sleeping. However, if their sleep is disrupted due to discomfort, they may not receive the full benefits of their sleep. This means they may continue to feel sluggish, tired and unable to take on the day. Having a quality pet bed isolated in a room or outdoors can provide plenty of comfort. It can also ensure your pet isn’t interrupted while trying to catch up on their beauty rest. This will allow them to have as much energy as their senior bodies allow when they wake up. 


Good quality pet beds provide proper insulation 

When pets age, they will become more susceptible to the cold. This can make it harder for them to get a good night’s sleep. It can also lead to illness, which can deteriorate their health. Pet beds are natural insulators that can keep warm air in during the cooler months. Whether your pet sleeps outside, in the garage or next to your bed, this will help them stay snug. 


Sourcing the best-quality pet products 

At PetNest, we believe sourcing and supplying the best pet products can help us give pets of all ages the best lives. We are passionate about making sure big dogs, small dogs and cats alike are always well looked after. For this reason, we have a large online supply of pet products that can make a positive change for their health. Shop online today to discover everything we have on offer.