Why owning a fish is harder than it seems

For the longest time, pet fish have been seen as low-maintenance pet that is perfect for kids. But the opposite couldn’t be more true. In fact, pet fish require a lot of care and attention, and because they can’t communicate with us the way a dog or a cat would, it’s up to us to make sure we understand their every need perfectly. 

So, if you’re considering adopting a fish for yourself or your child, you must know the facts about how complex they can be. Here are just some of them.


Water quality management is crucial

Fish, contrary to popular belief, can have quite long lives when they are treated well and live in the right environment. Goldfish, for example, have a lifespan of 10-15 years when in the right conditions. However, as they are often left in the care of children, this life is majorly shortened. Therefore, before adopting any fish, you must understand tank cleaning. Larger fish will make a lot of mess, so you will need regular water changes and PH testing. That’s not to say that smaller fish will be clean and easy to manage. Reading up on each species is the only way you will understand which is the best choice for your household. 


You’re going to need a bigger tank 

There are a lot of tanks available in regular pet stores. However, many are too small for fish to thrive. It can even cause fish to stress, which can lead to negative consequences. Before adopting a fish, make sure you read up on its tank requirements, including how many gallons of water it needs to live happily. We assure you that the tank you require will be much bigger than you anticipated. 

Consider diet and feeding 

Imagine if you ate the same dinner every day for your entire life. Chances are you are going to miss out on a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients. The same goes for fish. Feeding them regular run-of-the-mill fish food, though cheap, is likely to shorten their lifespan as they won’t be fueled with the nutrition they need to survive. It’s also vital that you understand how much food they need daily as overfeeding your fish can result in swim bladder issues. 


We’re here to help 

Though we currently don’t exclusively supply fish products, we believe in preserving the health of all animals. If you are interested in adopting a fish but don’t know where to begin, we would be happy to point you toward useful supplies and fish-care guides. Chat with us today to find out more.