How to pet proof your backyard

With enough effort, even the best-behaved pets may have the ability to escape from their backyards, which can put immense stress on families. For this reason, you must do everything possible to dog (or cat) proof your backyard, so your pets can enjoy outdoor time without the threat of escaping. 

We’ve covered some of the top things you can do to proof your garden below: 


Ensure fences, gates, and latches are well-maintained 

Even the best fencing can deteriorate if you have a pet pushing up against it each day. We recommend inspecting all fencing and gate latches once a month to ensure they are still durable and will withstand the force of your pet.

Where possible, also place a padlock on your gates to prevent intruders from getting in, which can set your pet free. 


Provide plenty of enrichment to prevent your pets from escaping 

Pets are more likely to escape or attempt to explore the unknown when they are under-stimulated. Providing them with plenty of enrichment when they are outside can keep them too occupied to enter the great unknown. 

Some toys that are great for pets include: 

Pets that don’t like toys can also receive plenty of enrichment. This may include lounging around in the sun or running around with their humans when they get the chance. 

Training is key to keeping your pet safe 

Before we begin, training is not always a surefire way to prevent pets from escaping, but it can help improve the chances that they will remain safe in your yard. When they are young or new to your home, make sure all outdoor time is supervised. Should they attempt to escape, take the time to redirect this behaviour by teaching them a positive one. You can use treats to encourage good behaviour. 

As they continue to improve, you can allow them to play outside unsupervised. But be sure to limit this time and never leave them outside while home alone until you are comfortable with the idea. Before long, they will be able to enjoy an entire day in the backyard without you worrying that they could break free. 


Remember. All pets are different 

Every pet will have different tendencies, interests and desires. Some have no interest in ever leaving the backyard, while others dream of chasing cars down the street. It is, for this reason, important that you focus on the specific needs of your pet to ensure they don’t escape. 

Regardless of their behaviour, we always recommend you make escape as impossible as can be. This will ensure that if something were to suddenly catch their interest, they won’t have the ability to run away.