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Why do dogs eat clothing?

'Silly Panties' is the name we have lovingly given our Labrador, Zorro, because he has a bizarre habit of picking up underwear from the laundry basket and chewing on it vigorously. He has always been obsessed with specific items in the clothing basket, so much so that he will

Grieving Pets

As many of you may know, Clayton, our rescue greyhound, crossed the rainbow bridge much before his time due to aggressive cancer. We were inconsolable. Such a gorgeous, gentle creature had left the world too soon. He was bred and raised to race, and when he finally found


Do you have a pet that sheds everywhere? As much as we all love our fur-babies, their hair can be challenging to clean, especially if it gets on the furniture. On some days, you may even feel drowned in their hair, especially if you are managing more than one furry

The Humanisation of Pets

I don’t have Pets – I have Fur-Babies!

Pet humanization, also known scientifically as anthropomorphism, is becoming a common phrase within the pet industry because more and more pet owners are wanting to provide their pets with human-like products or experiences. Pet Parents are increasingly treating their cats and dogs like

5 Best Ways to Mentally Stimulate your Dog on Rainy Days

Just like people, dogs get bored with the same old everyday routine. Keeping them mentally challenged and constantly exposing them to new things is just as important as taking them for walks and exercising them. In fact, if dogs could talk, they’d say ‘I’m bored’ a couple of times a day. But they can’t.

Why are Healthy Treats so Important for Pets?

Probably all of us love to indulge our pet. Sometimes the sad gaze of a dog from under the dinner table truly touches the owner’s heart. But we should remember that human food is not suitable for our little friends therefore it is always a good idea to have some
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