Do you have a pet that sheds everywhere? As much as we all love our fur-babies, their hair can be challenging to clean, especially if it gets on the furniture. On some days, you may even feel drowned in their hair, especially if you are managing more than one furry friend.

Take Zorro, for example. As a labrador, he can’t help but shed heaps of hair, but on some days, it can feel unbearable to look after, almost as though a tsunami of dog hair were taking over the place.

A downside for someone houseproud is the consistent need to apologise for the excess hair and pet confetti stuck to the lounges, clothes and carpets. If it’s shedding season, you might even embarrassingly find it creeping its way into food.

Despite all of his excess fur, Zorro is an incredibly spoiled pooch. In fact, our family goes to endless lengths to make sure he is cared for at all times, despite how annoying his infinite barrage of hair can be.

But, we all know you love a good puppy adoption story. So, it’s only fair to share the origin story before we share our secrets on how we learned to manage his hair supply.

Years back, in defiance of our saying ‘no pets, as they are too much work,’ our son and daughter secretly went and bought Zorro. Since their birthdays are a few days apart, they decided to pool their money and gift it to each other. The camaraderie between them in the lead up to the arrival of Zorro was unexpected but welcome. Peace reigned in the house, and we did not suspect a thing, but little did we know that the two were planning something that would turn our world upside down.

Shortly, both the children left home, we were left holding the puppy and the saga of the pet confetti unfolded. This was after the children told us they had researched hair shedding of Labradors at length (we still don’t believe them)!  No matter where you looked; the computer keyboard, on fan blades, in the cutlery drawer, in the pantry, there was hair.

We actually changed the colour of our furniture to match Zorro’s chocolate brown coat to make it less visible. Needless to say, the sofa bed shop thought it was hilarious when we showed them a photo of Zorro and requested a couch upholstery that would match it.

But Why Do Dogs Shed?

Shedding is natural for dogs, despite how frustrating it can be for pet parents. Just like we lose hair each day, pets must shed to ensure their fur and skin health is at its best. In essence, shedding is their way of ridding themselves of old or otherwise damaged hair.

Though, as you’ve probably noticed in your own experiences, the quantity of hair shed varies depending on the breed, whether they have a single or double-layer coat and the time of the year.

Though we can train our furry friends to do plenty of tricks, when it comes to shedding, the only thing we can do is learn how to manage it.

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How Can I Manage It?

Groom your pooch with the right brush for their type of fur.

  • Bristle brushes are a popular choice for all coat types. They help by removing dander and will give a nice shiny look to the coat by evenly distributing oil from the skin.
  • Pin brushes: Made of widely spaced bristles with a protective ball at the end. They are gentler on the skin and useful for woolly or curly coats or long and fine fur that need detangling. This brush is NOT useful for removing loose fur.
  • Slicker brushes: Made of fine wire bristles, they are good for dogs with medium to long fur. These bristles can get to the undercoat but also help monumentally by removing any loose hair. These brushes are most useful for dogs with double coats. Though, they can be used for all dogs, except those with short hair.
  • Rubber curry combs: Advantageous for short-haired dogs, they are great for massaging any dog’s skin. These combs help remove dander, dead skin, and old hair. Many dogs also enjoy the feeling of being brushed with a rubber comb.

A shedding tool would be useful

  • This is because it helps to remove dead hair before it’s shed from your dog, meaning you will find fewer hair tumbleweeds behind doors and under beds

 A high-quality nutrient-dense diet

  • This is a no brainer! Healthy food will keep the dog’s hair nourished and strong. A diet with good digestible protein sources is the best to keep their hair healthy and reduce shedding.

Bathe your pooch periodically

  • Using a gentle de-shedding shampoo will reduce the dog hair infestation. Besides keeping your pooch clean, it helps remove excess and dead hair before it sheds and creates a mess.

Keep your pooch hydrated

  • Even mild dehydrated skin can intensify shedding and hair loss. Supplying fresh and clean drinking water can not only keep them hydrated but prevent hair from falling out by promoting positive health.

Get a Vacuum cleaner

  • Seeing the original colour and pattern of your carpet and lounges is a feeling like no other. To do this, you need to invest in a vacuum cleaner that can pick up pet hair and fur balls.
  • Moreover, regular vacuuming will reduce the intensity of that peculiar doggy smell around the house. Going over everything with a soft broom may help further in picking up hair.

Controlling pet confetti and letting it not take over your life is the key to being a happy pet parent. Regular cleaning and consistent grooming are essential for containing the shedding process.

If you’re looking for pet grooming products, we have a valuable selection in our range and are always looking for more helpful products to assist you in caring for your pets.

Don’t forget, Happy pooch= Happy pet parents.

PS Just when I thought ‘I got this’ and sat with a cuppa and book to enjoy the clean house, I spotted a few stragglers!!! I will not give up. The battle is on.

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