The Humanisation of Pets

I don’t have Pets – I have Fur-Babies!

Pet humanization, also known scientifically as anthropomorphism, is becoming a common phrase within the pet industry because more and more pet owners are wanting to provide their pets with human-like products or experiences. Pet Parents are increasingly treating their cats and dogs like members of their family. And the Covid 19 Pandemic has only contributed for this. In fact, if there is anyone that has benefited from the recent Covid 19 Pandemic, it is our fluffy friends.

With more working from home, many have turned to their pets for companionship and comfort through times of isolation. Pets have never had so much attention, they’ve become a saving grace for many and a new addition to the home for some. Yet, a pet isn’t just for lockdown. In the longer term, a shift in working patterns towards more remote working is expected, suggesting that the growth of pet ownership post-pandemic is set to continue. It’s clear why. A pet’s power lies in their ability to ease the stress and loneliness that many owners have experienced. In times of economic hardship and isolation many have turned to dogs truly as a “man’s best friend”.

As pets have become core members of the family and their needs are considered equally to that of humans, owners are spending money than ever on feeding and treating their pets. Spending is further heightened by the ‘millennial pound’ and their propensity to spend more on their pets.

Humanizing pets opens doors for many in the pet industry because it stirs different thoughts that lead to the possibility of a new innovative product. Because of this, many retailers and manufacturers are expanding their shelves and drawing inspiration from day-to-day customs to provide pet owners with products that make them feel even more connected to their pets.

Treating our Pets

Good and nutritious food is a necessity for both humans and pets, so customers are now looking for products that are natural and made with high-quality ingredients. The trend of humanizing cat and dog food is also manifesting into the non-cat and non-dog pet food categories, too. In fact, birds have products, such “muffins” or “yogurt drops,” that are both similar to human food products and made with human-grade ingredients. Pet Parents want transparency of the supply chain and if it is ethical and sustainable. There is a focus on Australian made and owned as quality is controlled and ensured. For example, Life Wise Company is offering pet owners a holistic dog and cat nutrition through their products. Their cat and dog food is ultra-premium and nutritionally balanced. In the end, as a pet parent you want to maximize your pet’s quality of life and happiness by giving it healthy and tasty food.

Pet Friendly Holidays

Embracing pet friendly holidays can be an absolute revelation for you and your fur-baby. Pets are just as susceptible to the stresses of modern life, and a break away can do wonders for them. Top animal psychologists insists that pet friendly holidays are, in fact, vital for them. Contrary to what most pet trainers and behaviorists will tell you – pets are more like humans than you might think. Bored, under-exercised, anxious, lonely – there are many human issues that pets can experience as well.  A holiday is a great way to alleviate stress for both us and our pets.

The Toys Trend

The manifestation of pet’s humanization is also present in toys which provide entertainment and joy for both humans and pets. And humanized pet toys provide pet owners with products that are new, unique, and relatable. Pet Stages has many toy products that are high quality and interactive for both the pet and its owner – products that are made based on logic and human interest. These toys provide for physical and mental stimulation thus improving their quality of life.

Health Products

Safety also plays into a healthy lifestyle, which is important for both humans and animals. And because many products to promote wellness have been successful for humans, that has transitioned to help pets. In fact, many companies thrive on passion to secure the health of pets because their presence alone has enhanced human growth.

To match a healthy lifestyle for humans, companies today make products utilizing natural compounds and ingredients of premium quality to ensure that pets also attain the lasting, vibrant health they deserve. Products made from high quality ingredients are perfect for pet owners who want to promote more natural, healthy lifestyle for their pets without the need of medications and vitamins. Life Wise Purple Boost contains a unique blend of probiotics and antioxidants in its formula that will enhance and improve your pet’s immune system.

Pets Humanizing Accessories

Any outdoor excursion for pets requires accessories like leashes and collars. And while the accessories themselves are classic and durable for the purpose they serve, the look and design of them doesn’t have to be, and that’s sparking customer interest. Contrary to the 80s when the only dog collars available on the market where nylon and leather with little or no decoration, today having a fashion collar is a must for many pet parents. And the market is booming with pets’ accessories. From personalized collars with different colors, sizes and patterns, mustache ones all the way to scrunchies and flowers and bow ties for our precious fur-babies.


The bond between humans and pets is the primary drive for humanizing products. Owning a pet reduces stress, keeps us in shape, improves our social life and adds meaning and purpose, therefore, caring for our little fur-babies is the least we can do to for everything they do for us.